Capturing The Best Winter Wedding Photos 


winter wedding photographyYour wedding photos are priceless. Wedding photos and videos are the best keepsakes you will have to remember your wedding and your wedding portrait should last a lifetime. Hiring the most qualified photographer to take photos at your wedding is one of the most important wedding decisions that you will make.

There are lots of photographers available who take photos at weddings, but if your wedding is a winter wedding there are special considerations that you need to think about, and ask potential photographers about, before you hire them. Make sure the photographer you hire has experience taking photos of winter weddings and has all the necessary tools and equipment to capture your wedding on film.

 What is the lighting like at the location of the ceremony and the reception?

If you're holding a Christmas wedding in a grand cathedral at night, will there be enough light to take good portraits in the church or will you need to set up a ‘photo area’ with more light and other tools to get great photos? If you want outdoor photos taken in the snow, the photographer will need to have some experience at taking winter photos to make sure that the light isn’t too bright or too dark. Taking outdoor winter photos can be very tricky, especially if you are wearing a white dress in the snow, so ask to see the photographer’s portfolio of other winter photographs to get an idea of how well they can photograph a winter wedding.


Are there lots of windows at either location?

If you are holding your reception in an atrium or greenhouse, the number of windows can wreak havoc with the lighting. You don’t want to your photos to end up with spots or flash problems, so talk with the photographer about whether or not you will need to create a special area to take photos or how the photographer plans to accommodate the lighting of the venue and the time of day of the ceremony and reception.

What about vintage style photos?

If you have picked a vintage theme for your wedding, ask the photographer if they have experience in taking vintage style photos or black and white photos. Taking vintage style photos can be tricky, but there are photographers who specialize in getting that vintage look for wedding photos.

The bottom line when hiring a photographer for a winter wedding is that you need to be aware of some of the hardships that come with taking photos in the winter, like dealing with snow glare, bad weather, low or no light, and too many windows or clouds. Discuss all your concerns with a potential photographer before hiring them to take pictures at your winter wedding and make sure you feel comfortable with their ability to take great photos for you under any winter conditions before hiring them.


Sharing Your Wedding Photos

Now, before  you get your professional wedding photos back, you and you guests can share all those candid shots that everyone took with their digital cameras.

Create your own wedding album at The Wedding Lens and you and your guest can all upload your pictures, from wherever you are in the world, to create one HUGE wedding album that everyone can see.  

If you've never had the experience of working with a professional wedding photographer, you should know that, while their pictures are gorgeous and well worth every penny you spent, it will take them a few weeks to sort through the hundreds of shots they took at your wedding.  Then they have to organize them onto proof sheets and print them all out.  In some cases you'll wait well over a month to see these professional shots of your wedding.

In the meantime,  you and your guests can go to The Wedding Lens and upload all the shots you took with your own digital cameras and you can create your own on line album.  It's a very user friendly site and, once the photos are uploaded they can be organized, labeled, edited, and even printed.  What a wonderful way for you and your guests to share memories of your special day. 

So go ahead and leave disposable cameras on every table.  Now, you have something to do with all those pictures!  Tell everyone their pictures are going to be online and there'll be flashbulbs going off all night!